Two videos of October’s Elysium MARSBalloon flight have been released, one that follows the MARSBalloon team on the launch and chase of the experiments, the other a compilation of footage taken during the flight. Both videos, along with more information and pictures, can be found on the Elysium mission page.

Elysium at 31,240m


Elysium mission a Success!

Elysium, the second MARSBalloon flight of 2014, was launched on Sunday 26th October from a Thales UK site in the Mendip hills and was safely recovered 5 hours later in Bramshill forest, Eversley. The balloon, and its 55 experiments from 33 UK schools, rose to 31,240m which exceeded its target altitude of 30km (where the […]

Elysium to launch this Sunday!

The second MARSBalloon flight of 2014, named Elysium after a volcanic region of Mars, is planned for liftoff on Sunday 26th October at approximately noon. You can follow the balloon and chase car live via the Elysium mission page, and there will be regular twitter updates on the day (@marsballoon). Launch will take place from […]

Elysium experiment tray ready to fly

A view of Elysium, the second largest volcanic region of Mars

Elysium flight preparations underway

All of the 100 available flight slots have been allocated for the next MARSBalloon Flight; named Elysium after an extinct volcanic region of Mars. The team have been receiving a steady flow of experiments in the post and will begin the process of loading them onto the experiment tray this Friday (24th October). Weather and jetstream conditions […]

October MARSBalloon Flight Announced!

The next MARSBalloon flight, named Elysium after the volcanic region of Mars, will take place (weather permitting) on the last week of October 2014. To be included on this flight your experiments need to be with us by Thursday 23rd October. As with our June flight, known as Tharsis (see the video!), we will be […]

The helium balloon fully inflated and ready to launch


THARSIS flight video now available!

A short highlights video, of footage captured by the onboard camera from the Tharsis flight, is now available on the dedicated Tharsis page.

The first MARSBalloon launch of 2014, Tharsis, has successfully occurred!

You can find the press release of the flight on its dedicated page. This will be updated with more pictures, video and flight data as they come available.

Sweet Clouds_adjusted

THARSIS Experiment Tray

THARSIS Launch Announced!

The first MARSBalloon launch of 2014 is planned to take place on Thursday 19th June, from Beckington, Frome. The flight has been named Tharsis, after the volcanic plain of Mars that is home to Olympus Mons; the largest volcano in the solar system. The team have received 70 experiments from 41 Schools across the UK […]

Arrival of first experiments!

The first experiments for the mid-June launch have arrived at MARSBalloon HQ! These experiments have come from The Cotswold School Year 7 Science Club and the Eureka Club from Claires Court Senior Girls. They are testing a variety of important considerations for future Mars explorers including the effect on seeds and the change in nutritional content […]

The arrival of the first experiments for the June MARSBalloon Launch


Teachers pack is now available!

The teachers pack has been released, which includes everything you need to know about making an experiment with your school class/club that will fit on our balloons. You can find it on our new downloads page. All teachers who have already registered will shortly be receiving experiment IDs and more information to get them started, […]