Elysium flight preparations underway

A view of Elysium, the second largest volcanic region of Mars
A view of Elysium, the second largest volcanic region of Mars

All of the 100 available flight slots have been allocated for the next MARSBalloon Flight; named Elysium after an extinct volcanic region of Mars. The team have been receiving a steady flow of experiments in the post and will begin the process of loading them onto the experiment tray this Friday (24th October). Weather and jetstream conditions permitting the launch will take place on a day between the 25th and 31st October.

You will be able to follow the launch live via our twitter feed and the tracking app that will be available on Elysium’s dedicated page.

Based upon those experiments that have already arrived at MARSBalloon HQ at Thales Alenia Space UK we are expecting a fantastically diverse range of new Mars experiments including non-newtonian fluids, bacterial cultures, contact lenses, solder types, guitar strings and many more!

Expect more posts and information in the coming week, the team will also be in attendance at the Ambitions 2014 event at the University of West England on the 21st/22nd October taking about space careers. Come along to the TAS UK stand if you can and try out our “Build a Space Mission” game!



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