Elysium mission a Success!

Elysium, the second MARSBalloon flight of 2014, was launched on Sunday 26th October from a Thales UK site in the Mendip hills and was safely recovered 5 hours later in Bramshill forest, Eversley.

The balloon, and its 55 experiments from 33 UK schools, rose to 31,240m which exceeded its target altitude of 30km (where the conditions are very similar to the surface of Mars).

The MARSBalloon team would like to thank:

  • Bristol SEDS for assistance during the launch and recovery operations;
  • Thales UK for running the social media and creating the infographic;
  • CUSF, spacenear.us and the HabHub community for tracking the balloon in flight, particularly M6EDF who tracked Elysium all the way down to its landing site;
  • The STFC for funding and support.

More details, images and eventually video can be found on the Elysium mission page.

Elysium at 31,240m
Elysium and its experiments at peak altitude (31,240m)



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