MARSBalloon is back for 2015. Primary schools can now fly too!

Olympus Mons from Orbit, Credit NASA
Olympus Mons from Orbit, Credit NASA

Thanks to generous funding from Thales UK, it is our pleasure to announce the next launch in our high flying MARSBalloon project!

Our next launch will be in mid-to-late June 2015 where we will fly another hundred student Mars experiments into the stratosphere. Teachers who have already pre-registered their school for 2015 will be receiving emails soon with thier experiment IDs and instructions on how to get started.

One of the big changes this year is that primary schools can enter the project; so we are hoping to get some excellent experiments from our younger future scientists and engineers.

There is an updated version of the teachers pack now available.

If you want to see what your students are in for check out our Tharsis and Elysium mission pages.

Register your class or club now for a space mission your students will never forget


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