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Fully loaded experiment tray awaiting connection to the balloon

Register early to secure a flight slot for your students

If you are a member of staff of a UK school and wish to register your class or club for a MARSBalloon flight please fill out the form below. 

This does not represent any form of commitment on behalf of the school but is required to secure a flight slot for your experiments.

Please note that if you are a UK school student who is interested in this project please get your favorite teacher to register for you. We are only allowed to talk to members of staff at your school. 

Please register if you wish to reserve a space on a flight in 2017.



In accordance with the UK data protection act this information will be used in the context of the MARSBalloon project only and will not be passed on to third parties or used for any other purpose.


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8 thoughts on “Register

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    My yr 9 STEM club are currently working on a life on mars project. This would be an excellent opportunity to test some of our experiments we are currently running.

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      Andy Post author

      That is great news! When the information pack is released in April to those teachers who have registered it will give guidance to what we can and can’t fly. Can you give us an idea of what experiments your year 9s are doing?

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        Peter Jewell

        Currently we are checking plant growth in various mediums and light conditions. We are looking at using Mars atmosphere to create a liveable environment.

        These are some of our thoughts we could experiment:

        Gravitational pull at various heights in the atmosphere, gaseous content of the atmosphere at different levels, send a healthy plant up to check the effects.

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    lismore pupils launched the first ever school weather balloon in ni with the bbc, from marble arch caves…see it on u-tube

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    Bryan Murphy

    If only you were here when the students were planning, researching and making the experiment. They have never been so enthusiastic and engaged. Even though none of them will probably be going to Mars, I hope that at least one of them will somehow get involved in this most exciting field.
    Thanks for letting it happen!!

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      Andy Post author

      Thanks Bryan, that is a great thing to hear and the whole team is proud of the success of Tharsis and all the brilliant experiments we received; we are also eagerly awaiting any results you can give!
      Please spread the word to other teachers you know who might be interested in the October flight and get them to register via this page, we still have plenty of space available.